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Research Interests

My research focuses on pure and applied mountain geomorphology - at home in the Eastern Alps, and abroad in the Nepalese Himalayas and the Argentinian Andes. Both, the analysis of present-day sediment dynamics and the reconstruction of postglacial alpine landscape evolution fascinates me - particularly with respect to the way how glaciated mountain environments respond to non-glacial conditions (paraglacial adjustment). My PhD research concentrated on sediment storage quantification and postglacial landscape reconstruction in a glacially overdeepened inner-alpine basin (Gradenbach catchment, Hohe Tauern, Austrian Alps). I'm experienced in geomorphological and hydro(geo-)logical mapping, terrestrial laserscanning, structure-from-motion, field geophysics (DC resistivity, ground-penetrating radar, refraction seismic), core-drilling, stratigraphic analyses, GI Systems and 3D modelling.


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Joachim Götz

Dr.rer.nat. Joachim Götz

Department of Geography and Regional Science

Heinrichstraße 36
8010 Graz

Alpine Landscape Dynamics (ALADYN)

Consultation by agreement

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