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Student supervision

Here is a list of students I have supervised at University of Linz, University of Hull, and University of Graz.


  • Marta Strzelecki (09.2021-08.2022)
  • Michał Strzelecki (09.2020-08.2021)
  • Samuel Johnston (09.2019-08.2020)


  • Lorenz Frühwirth (University of Graz)
    Thesis: [since 03.2021]
  • Michael Juhos (University of Graz)
    Thesis: [since 01.2021]
  • Mathias Sonnleitner (University of Graz) [jointly with Aicke Hinrichs]
    Thesis: [since 02.2020]
  • Anastas Baci (University of Graz) [Visiting PhD 02.2020 - 04.2020]
    Thesis: tba
  • Nicola Turchi (University of Hull, UK) [Visiting PhD 02.2018 - 04.2018]
    Thesis: High-dimensional asymptotics for random polytopes


  • Lorenz Frühwirth (University of Graz, Austria)
    Thesis: Thin shell condition and large deviations for multidimensional projections (2021)
  • Michael Juhos (University of Graz, Austria)
    Thesis: The central limit theorem for convex bodies (2020)
  • Hamish Chreseson (University of Hull, UK)
    Thesis: Large deviation principles for projections of lpn-balls (2017)
  • Katie Smith (University of Hull, UK)
    Thesis: The Hahn-Banach theorem and its applications (2017)
  • Daniel Temesvari (University of Linz, Austria)           
    Thesis: Stochastic Processes & Applications to the Geometry of Banach Spaces (2016)


  • Elias Gander (University of Graz, Austria)
    Thesis: tba
  • Jake Vinegrad (University of Hull, UK)                      
    Thesis: The Dvoretzky theorem  (2017)
  • Elliot Kay (University of Hull, UK)
    Thesis: The spectral theorem for compact operators (2017)
  • Luke Rushworth (University of Hull, UK)
    Thesis: The concentration of measure phenomenon (2017)
  • Bernhard Pöchtrager (University of Linz, Austria)
    Thesis: Martingales in Functional Analysis (2016)



Dipl.-Math. Dr. rer. nat.

Joscha Prochno

Heinrichstraße 36
8010 Graz

Telefon:+43 (0)316 380 - 5177

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