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Personal data

Personal data:

born 1969 in Austria

Academic career

PhD in Zoology (2001), Habilitation in Zoology (2013)

2014 - today

1999 - 2014

1990 - 1999

Associate Professor at the Institue of Zoology,
Karl-Franzens University Graz

University Assistant at the Institue of Zoology, Karl-Franzens University Graz 

Biomedical Assistant at the Department of Medical Physics und Biophysics

Main areas of research

Bionics, Behavioral Ecology, Sensory ecology


40 papers in peer-reviewed journals; more than 60 contributions to international scientific meetings

Member of workgroup:

Prof. Boris Chagnaud

Reviewer for:

NSF, ISF, Human-Frontier Science Program, Ethology, Biomimetics and Bioinspiration, Journal of Orthoptera Research, Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, Experimental Biology, Naturwissenschaften, Hearing Research


  1. Competition and cooperation in a synchronous insect chorus
    Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (2009-2013) 250.584.- €
  2. Collective defence in non-myrmecophilous aphids and its evolutionary origin.
    Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (2013-2016)
    280.000.- €
  3. “Bionic collision sensor for UAVs”, FFG, 09.2017 – 2018), 107.000.-€
  4. "Mammobee: Reduction of mammography X-Ray dosis through bionics" (FFG: 2018-2019), 118.699.-€
  5. BioKollAvoid, Bionic collision sensor project, FFG funded collaborative project (2019-2022), 485.520.-€
  6. BioZid, Development of botanical pesticides, aws funded prototype project (2020-2021), 66.676.-€


Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Manfred Hartbauer

Uni Graz
Universitätsplatz 2

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 5615

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