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Curriculum vitae



1994            Enrolment at the University of Hanover (Geology and Palaeontology), Germany

1997            Intermediate diploma (Vordiplom)

2001            Graduation (Diplom-Geologe); thesis "Palaeoecology and facies of an Upper Jurassic reef  

                    complex in the Osterwald Hills (NW Germany)

2001–2006   Doctorate at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany; thesis "Climate signatures 

                    in corals of the tropical–temperate transition zone (Late Miocene, Crete/Greece)"

since 2006   Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Graz, Austria

2015            Habilitation (venia docendi in Palaeontology) at the University of Graz; thesis "Shallow marine

                    responses to Oligocene–Miocene tectonic, climatic and oceanographic changes in the

                    Mediterranean to western Indian Ocean region"


 Professional experience

 1998          Internship at the Lower Saxony State Museum (Natural History Department), Hanover,


1998–2000  Free collaborator for the consulting engineers Dr.-Ing. V. Patzold, Holm-Seppensen, Germany

2001            Free collaborator for the mining companies Hermann Wegener GmbH & Co. Kg. and

                    Hannoversche Basaltwerke, Hanover, Germany

2001–2005  Research assistent (DFG-Project Br 1153/7) and lecturer at the Johannes Gutenberg-University

                    Mainz, Germany

2006–2009  Research assistent (FWF-Project P 18189) and lecturer at the University of Graz, Austria 

2010–2011  Working contracts with the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Commission for the Palaeontological

                    and Stratigraphical Research of Austria)

2011–2013  Research assistent (FWF-Project P 23492-B17) and lecturer at the University of Graz, Austria

2013–2014  Educational leave (Bildungskarenz) and studies of Environmental Systems Sciences at the

                    University of Graz, Austria

2013            Expert study for the calcium carbonate mining company Omya GmbH, Gummern, Austria

2014–2015  Research assistent (FWF-Project P 23492-B17) and lecturer at the University of Graz, Austria

since 2016   Project leader (FWF-Project P 28591-N29) and lecturer at the University of Graz



1997           Award for outstanding academic achievement by the Christian Kuhlemann-Foundation and the

                   University of Hanover



2016–2019   FWF-Project P 28591-N29 Oligo-Miocene faunal dispersal in the Indian Ocean region

                    applicant: M. Reuter (Graz)

2011–2016   FWF-Project P 23492-B17 Mediterranean Oligo/Miocene stratigraphy and palaeoecology;

                    applicant: W. E. Piller (Graz)

2009–2014   DFG-Project BR 1153/13-1 The coral sclerochronology perspective of Panaman Gateway 

                    dynamics and climate change; applicant: T. C. Brachert (Leipzig)

2006–2009   FWF-Project P 18189 Biotic gradients in the Oligo/Miocene Western Indo-Pacific;

                    applicant: W. E. Piller (Graz)  

2005–2006   Forschungsfond der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz Der Blick zurück als Schlüssel zur

                    Zukunft: Atmosphärische Variabilität im späten Miozän vor 10–6 Millionen Jahren

                    applicant T. C. Brachert (Mainz)

2005–2012   DFG-Project BR 1153/9 Seasonality and interannual climate variability during the Late

                    Miocene: testing and tuning climate models using oxygen isotope stratigraphy, growth

                    increment analysis and new ground data; applicant: T. C. Brachert (Mainz)

2001–2006   DFG-Project Br 1153/7 Klimastratigraphie flachmariner Karbonate des Ober-Miozän 

                    (Heraklion Becken, Kreta/Griechenland): Eine neue sedimentologische Gliederungsmethode

                    tektonisch mobiler Becken?; applicant: T. C. Brachert (Mainz)


Field work

1998–2000    Lower Saxon Hills (Germany)

2001–2005    Crete (Greece)

2006             Oman

2007             Tanzania and Zanzibar

2008             Kachchh (NW India)

2009             Kerala (SW India), Crete (Greece), Cyprus

2010             Florida (USA) and Dominican Republic

2011             Abruzzo (Italy)

2012             Florida (USA) and Dominican Republic, Sicily (Italy)

2013             Sardinia (Italy)

2016             Oman, Sri Lanka

2017             Makran (SE Iran)




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