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Published Books

Authored Books

Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

C.O. Kappe, A. Stadler

1. Edition - June 2005, XII, 410 Pages, Hardcover, Monograph

ISBN 3-527-31210-2, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim.


Practical Microwave Synthesis for Organic Chemists - Strategies, Instruments, and Protocols

C.O. Kappe, D. Dallinger, S. S. Murphree

1. Edition - 2009, X, 296 Pages, Hardcover, Monograph

ISBN-10-3-527-32097-0, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim.


Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, 2nd Ed.

C.O. Kappe, A. Stadler, Dallinger

2. Edition - April 2012, XV, 678 Pages, Hardcover, Monograph

ISBN-10-3-527-33185-9, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim.



Edited Books

Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Heterocycles

E. Van der Eycken, C.O. Kappe (Eds.)

April 2006, XIV, 290 Pages, Hardcover, Monograph

(Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry Series)

ISBN 10-3-540-30983-7, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York 



Monographs and Book Chapters

1. Geminal Diazides of Heterocycles.

T. Kappe, C.O. Kappe

in "Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry"; H. Suschittzky, G.W. Gribble (Eds.)

Pergamon Press, Oxford 1996, Vol. 8, Chapter 1, pp 1-13.


2. Application of the 1,5-Electocyclic Reaction in Heterocyclic Synthesis.

V.A. Bakulev, C.O. Kappe, A. Padwa

in "Organic Synthesis: Theory and Applications", T. Hudlicky (Ed.)

JAI Press, Greenwich 1996, Vol. 3, Chapter 4, pp 149-229.


3. Microwave-Assisted Combinatorial Chemistry.

C.O. Kappe, A. Stadler

in "Microwaves in Organic Synthesis", A. Loupy (Ed.)

Wiley-VCH 2002, Chapter 12, pp 405-433.


4. Building Dihydropyrimidine Libraries via Microwave-Assisted Biginelli Multicomponent Reactions.

C.O. Kappe, A. Stadler

in "Combinatorial Chemistry", Part B, B.B. Bunin, G. Morales (Eds.)

(Methods in Enzymology, Vol. 369, Chapter 11, pp 197-223.

Elsevier Sciences 2003


5. The Biginelli Dihydopyrimidines Synthesis.

C.O. Kappe, A. Stadler

in "Organic Reactions", L.E. Overman (Ed.)

Organic Reactions, Inc. 2004, Vol. 63, pp 1-117.


6. Alkylidene Sulfonium Salts or alpha-Sulfanyl Carbocations.

C.O. Kappe

in "Science of Synthesis", Vol. 27.2., A. Padwa (Vol. Ed.)

Georg-Thieme-Verlag Stuttgart 2004, pp 105-121.


7. Microwave-Assisted Applications Using Supported Catalyst.

B.Desai, C.O. Kappe

in "Topics in Current Chemistry", A. Kirschning (Ed.)

Springer 2004, Chapter 5, pp 177-207.


8. The Biginelli Reaction.

C.O. Kappe

in "Multicomponent Reactions", J. Zhu, H. Bienayme (Eds.)

Wiley-VCH 2005, Chapter 4, pp 95-120.


9. Microwave-Assisted Solid-Phase Synthesis

A. Stadler, C.O. Kappe

in "Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis", P. Lidström, J.P. Tierny (Eds.)

Blackwell 2005, Chapter 7, pp 175-219.


10. Microwave-Assisted Combinatorial and High-Throughput Synthesis.

A. Stadler, C.O. Kappe

in "Microwaves in Organic Synthesis", 2nd Edition, A. Loupy (Ed.)

Wiley-VCH 2006, Chapter 16, pp 726-787.


11. Scale-up of Microwave-Assisted Processes.

J.M. Kremsner, A. Stadler, C.O. Kappe

in "Microwave Methods in Organic Synthesis", M. Larhed, K Olosson (Eds.)

Springer 2006, Chapter 6, pp 233-278.


12. Microwave-Assisted Chemistry

C.O. Kappe

in "Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II", D. J. Triggle, J. B. Taylor (Eds.)

Elsevier, Oxford, 2007, Chapter 3.36, pp 837-860.


13. Adventures in Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis: Contributions from the Kappe Laboratory 2000-2005

C. O. Kappe, A. Stadler, D. Dallinger, G. Strohmeier, R. Perez, O. I. Zbruyev, N. Stiasni, P. Walla, N. Gorobets, B. Yousefi, N. Mont, B. Desai, A. Lengar, K. Krascsenicsová, S. Garbacia, B. Khanetskyy, T. N. Glasnov, J. M. Kremsner, A. Gomez da Silva, B. Basca

in "New Methodologies and Techniques for a Sustainable Organic Chemistry", A. Mordini, F. Faigl (Eds.)

Springer, Dordrecht, 2008, pp 225-251.


14. Silicon Carbide

J. M. Kremsner, C. O. Kappe

in "Encylopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis II (EROS II) ", L. A. Paquette (Ed.)

John Wiley & Sons, Chicester, UK, 2009, Vol 11, pp 8659-8661.


15. Microwave Susceptors

T. Besson, C.O. Kappe

in "Microwaves in Organic Synthesis", 3rd Edition, A. de la Hoz, A. Loupy (Eds.)

Wiley-VCH 2013, Chapter 7, pp 297-346.


16. Adventures in Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis

D. Dallinger, C. O. Kappe

in "Seminars in Organic Synthesis, XXXVIII "A. Corbella" Summer School", Societa Chimica Italiana, 2013, p. 69-92, ISBN 978-88-86208-73-4.


17. The Microwave-to-Flow Paradigm: Translating Batch Microwave Chemistry to Continuous Flow Processes

C. O. Kappe

in "Flow Chemistry", F. Darvas, V. Hessel, G. Dorman, Eds., De Gruyter, Berlin, 2014, Volume 1, Fundamentals, Chapter 8, pp 251-258. ISBN 978-3-111-028915-2.



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