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Queries. If you have an administrative question (e.g. a course registration problem) please write to sysmus@uni-graz.at. For questions about academic course content, please write to the course instructor.

Content. Please note that my teaching is confined to my venia docendi, systematic musicology, which does not include music therapy, music education, music medicine, or music theory. These are independent global fields with strong infrastructures and local experts in Graz. I do not normally supervise essays or reading assignment in these areas. Please instead approach the corresponding experts.

Written examinations. I organize written examinations for two subjects, "Introduction to Systematically Musicology" (ISM, Vorlesung VO, winter semester WS) and "Psychoacoustics and Music Cognition" (PMC, Vorlesung mit Übung VU, summer semester SS). You can take either of these exams six times per year. I strongly recommend taking the exam at the normal time, i.e. the end of the corresponding semester. The curriculum is designed on the assumption that you will do this and it will make life easier both for you and for me if you do. Otherwise let me know by email a few weeks before the exam you intend to take and I will let you know the exact time and place. The exams at the start and middle of the semester happen in the Centre for Systematic Musicology; at the end of semester, in the corresponding lecture room. Below is more information about the times. Please note that these times will not be changed to suit individual timetables; if you miss one, just wait for the next . 

1. June/July, last week of SS: The exam for both PMC and ISM happens in the last PMC session.
2. Start of October, first week of WS: Same day and time as PMC in the previous semester.
3. Early/mid December, mid WS: Ditto.
4. End of January, last week of WS: The exam for both ISM and PMC happens in the last ISM session.
5. Start of March, first week of SS: Same day and time as ISM in the previous semester.
6. April/May, mid-SS, just before/after the Easter break: Ditto

Further information about my teaching


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Usually Google Scholar is sufficient but the following can be useful.

Abstracts (SysMus): RILM, PSYNDEX usw. - Muwi - MusCog
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Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.

Richard Parncutt

Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. Richard Parncutt Centre for Systematic Musicology

Merangasse 70
8010 Graz, Austria

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 8161

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