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Linear Algebra

Winter Term 2017/18

Practical exercise (short: UE for german "Uebung") for the lecture Linear Algebra (PHY.C10_UF) at the Technical University Graz. Details concerning the lecture or the UE can be found at the TUG-Online and at the Homepage of Prof. Axel Maas.

The exercises starts at October 19th and takes place either at the Physics Institute (Petersgasse 18), the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Technical University Graz (Steyrergasse 30) or the Physcis Institute at the Karl-Franzens University Graz (Universitätsplatz 5). There are 3 Groups at each University due to the large amount of participating students (*: My Group):

Gruppe 1(*):

12:30 - 14:15 TDK-Seminarraum (PHEG016)

Gruppe 2:

15:00 - 16:45 HS AE01 (STEG112)

Gruppe 3:

16:45 - 18:30 HS AE01 (STEG112)

Gruppe Fuchsberger:

15:15 - 17:00 HS 06.02 (0006EG0022)

Gruppe Göschl:

12:30 - 14:15 SR 05.13 - IGAM (0005010040)

Gruppe Maas:

13:45 - 14:30 HS 05.12 (0005010248)

Exercise Mode

In each exercise the participants get an exercise sheet with various problems on it. There are two kinds of problems: "Präsenzaufgaben" and "Hausaufgaben".
The "Präsenzaufgaben" will be solved together in class in small groups and are not mandatory. However the "Hausaufgaben" which are on the same sheet have to be done at home alone and are mandatory. The homework from the previous week will be collected by me at the beginning of each exercise. Also und certain circumstances (e.g. illness) it is also possible to send me your homework via mail before the exercise begins.


There will be one exam at the end of the semester only for the lecture. The exam is therefore completely independent from the exercise class. No books or notes are allowed. There will be a formulary on the backside of the examsheet.
Exam dates:

Please make sure that you are enrolled for the exam in the KFU-Online system.


The grading only rellies on the "Hausaufgaben". The collected homeworks are corrected by the Tutor and points (which are also indicated on the exercise sheets) will be assigned. The grade is then calculated from the percentage of achieved points. The grade table will be announced later on in the semester.

Supplemental Material

Here you can find the exercise sheets. It will be weekly updated.

  1. Exercise 1 (due: Nov 09 2017)
  2. Exercise 2 (due: Nov 16 2017)
  3. Exercise 3 (due: Nov 23 2017)
  4. Exercise 4 (due: Nov 30 2017)
  5. Exercise 5 (due: Dec 07 2017)
  6. Exercise 6 (due: Dec 14 2017)
  7. Exercise 7 (due: Jan 11 2018)
  8. Exercise 8 (due: Jan 18 2018)
  9. Exercise 9 (due: Jan 25 2018)
  10. Exercise 10 (due: Feb 02 2018)
  11. Exercise 11

Further files:


The following list contains literature used in the lecture and some additional books and lecture notes favored by the siteowner.

  • K. Jänich: "Lineare Algebra"
  • G. Fischer: "Lineare Algebra, Eine Einführung für Studienanfänger"
  • C. Lang, N. Pucker: "Mathematische Methoden in der Physik", Second Edition (2005)
    (This book is a very good companion for the whole study of physics since it covers all topics neccessary for physicists)
  • M. Ganster: "Lecture Notes from WS 2014/15"; Link
  • A. Maas: "Lecture Notes from WS 2017/18"; Link

Bernd Riederer

BSc MSc Bernd Riederer Institut für Physik

Mozartgasse 14/II
Room 0025-02-0004
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 5089

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