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About me

I studied Environmental System Sciences with a main focus on Geography (BSc, MSc) and Sustainable Development (MSc, ongoing) at the University of Graz (Austria) and Utrecht University (The Netherlands). After my graduation, I was employed as a researcher and consultant in an EU project dealing with knowledge and technology transfer.

Subsequently, I had a position as a research associate and PhD student in Geography and Human-Environment interaction at the Alpine Landscape Dynamics research group of the Department of Geography and Regional Science and member the Doctoral Programme Climate Change: Uncertainties, Thresholds and Coping Strategies, University of Graz (Austria). Within the Austrian Academy of Sciences-funded project “Economic and Ethical Consequences of Natural Hazards in Alpine Valleys”, my investigations mainly deal with natural hazards research, risk analysis and risk perception, which I try to approach from an integrative-geographical perspective, looking on both the physical as well as on the human dimension of natural hazards. From September 2017 till January 2018, I was a visiting researcher at the University College London's Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction.

Currently, I am holding a position as Assistant to the Rector at the Universtiy of Graz.

Mag.rer.nat. Bakk.rer.nat.

Florian Ortner

Mag.rer.nat. Bakk.rer.nat. Florian Ortner Büro des Rektors

& Department of Geography and Regional Science & FWF-DK Climate Change
Universitätsplatz 3, 8010 Graz, Austria

Phone:+43 316 380 - 1006

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