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Expanding Romance Linguistics – Crossing the Boundaries


Date:                    22nd – 24th July 2021

Place:                   University of Graz
                             Room SZ 01.18
                             Universitätsplatz 3                         
                             8010 Graz

Program:             You can find a detailed program here

Languages: Romance languages and idioms as well as non-Romance contact varieties

The workshop gave participants the occasion to present new findings and, especially, non-canonic approaches, as well as rather unusual object languages and to discuss them with colleagues from a wide array of linguistic disciplines. The contributions were empirically and/or theoretically based. The main focus of the workshop is the crossing of theoretical or linguistic boundaries and the application of new empirical methods on hitherto unknown or less studied idioms. This does not exclude studies on standard languages.

Talks on already advanced research and impulsive talks (i.e. new ideas or plans for future research) were equally presented.

Contact: stefan.koch(at)uni-graz.at or katharina.gerhalter(at)uni-graz.at.

A publication (peer reviewed) is the explicit objective of the workshop. Manuscripts are to be sent until 15th March 2022.

The workshop was very successfully held in a hybrid format (some scholars present in Graz, some participating online) and showed the enormous potential of this kind of organization.

Once again we thank all participants and chairs and are looking forward to future projects and discussions!

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