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There are my current and past group members. I work not just with the students from my own university but I also have an ample number of students from outside working with me. I remain open to the possibility of jointly supervising students specially within theory - experimental cross collaborations.

PhD students

Subject area : strongly interacting dark matter

  1. Mr. Seàn Mee

Current master student

Subject area: Strongly interacting dark matter at the LHC

  1. Mr. Harikrishnan Nair 
  2. Ms. Akanksha Singh

Subject area: Dark matter direct detection 

  1. Ms. Leonie Einfalt (joint supervision with Dr. Florian Reindl and Prof. Massimiliano Procurra)
  2. Mr. Manush M. (joint supervision with Dr. Florian Reindl)
  3. Mr. Valentin Czmler ((joint supervision with Dr. Florian Reindl)

Subject area: Heavy Neutral leptons at FCC

  1. Rohini Sengupta (in joint supervision with main supervisor Prof. Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez)

Current project students

Subject area: Machine learning in particle physics

  1. Mr. Philipp Haslhofer

Past master students

  1. Mr. Gerhard Ungersbäck (Now PhD student at University of Stavanger)
  2. Ms. Alicia Wonger (Now PhD student at DESY)
  3. Mr. Lukas Lechner (Now PhD student at HEPHY)
  4. Mr. Michael Traub (left for industry) 
  5. Ms. Veronika Magerl (went to do PhD at University of Göttingen)

Special announcement for Uni Graz students:

If you are looking for masters or bachelors project please get in touch with me.

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