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Scheuer, Timon, B.A.(Econ.) BSc Ing. M.A. (Econ.)

Before I started my studies in economics and system sciences I had already finished a higher technical college for engineering and worked in logistics automation. This for sure had a remarkable influence on my view on research and - as I intentionally emphasize - development.

Economics already offers a bunch of remarkable approaches worth studying and, despite all justified criticism, I like teaching them. They range from brilliant to – in imprudent hands – dangerously deceptive, but a reliable economist should know them either way. Not only may parts of them have shaped the economic system we know and study. In my opinion research and development is a process wherein both, trial and error, may provide important insights for future work. In order to avoid errors in the course of aiming at a better understanding of economic issues it may therefore be helpful to acquire a good understanding of prior unsuccessful trials. Knowing these trials pretty well makes me feel a lot better of my own ones to come, alternative perspectives to be taken and new methods to be used.

As I am not fond of the many profiles we are recommended to maintain on several platforms, the most actual and complete information should be found on my full CV linked in the menu. Entries referring to publications and presentations mostly also offer direct links to the individual document or the website hosting it.

B.A.(Econ.) BSc Ing. M.A. (Econ.)

Timon Scheuer

B.A.(Econ.) BSc Ing. M.A. (Econ.) Timon Scheuer Graz Schumpeter Centre

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