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Talks and presentations


Presentations at conferences and universities during the last five years from my students and myself

Special talks - outreach and lectures

What When Where
Wie das Higgs unser Bild von Elementarteilchen verändert January/March 2021 VHS Vienna and Urania and Facetten Graz, Austria
"Dunkle Energie" und was Physiker damit meinen December 2017 Urania public lecture series, Graz, Austria
Non-perturbative Brout-Englert-Higgs physics November 2017 2017 Lattice Winter School, Odense, Denmark
What's up with the Higgs observation June 2017 Department of Philosophy, University of Graz, Austria

Foundations of quantum-gauge-field theories

What When Where
Gauge fixing and the ghost DSE March 2021 FunQCD, Valencia, Spain/Online
Global, local, and space-time symmetries May 2019 University of Jena, Jena, Germany
What is physical? Local vs. Global Symmetries November/December 2018 14th Vienna Central European Seminar, Vienna, Austria
The ambiguity of confinement April 2018 From Correlation Functions to QCD Phenomenology, Bad Honnef, Germany

QCD and the QCD phase diagram

What When Where
Formulation of electroweak pion decays in functional methods September 2017 ACHT 2017, Zalakaros, Hungary
Correlation functions of QC2D at finite density June 2017 Lattice 2017, Granada, Spain and ACHT 2017, Zalakaros, Hungary
Gluon and ghost Correlation functions of QC2D at finite density June 2017 XQCD 2017, Pisa, Italy

Higgs and electroweak physics

What When Where
Measuring the size of the Higgs April 2022 HEPHY, Vienna, Austria
Bloch-Nordsieck restoration for llbar->ttbar July 2021 EPS HEP 2021, Hamburg/Online, Germany
Gauge invariant spectra of SU(2) theories with BEH effect May 2021 MIT lattice colloquium, Boston/Online, USA
Probing Standard-Model Higgs Substructures using Tops and Weak Gauge Bosons March 2021 DPG spring meeting, Dortmund/Online, Germany
Gauge invariant spectra and FMS mechanism for gauge theories with BEH effect October 2020 University of Jena, Jena, Germany
Fermionic spectrum with fermion-Higgs bound states in a SU(2) Wilson-Yukawa model August 2020 Asia-Pacific Symposium for Lattice Field Theory, 2020, Online
Probing Standard-Model Higgs Substructures using Tops and Weak Gauge Bosons July 2019 EPS HEP 2019, Gent, Belgium
Electroweak Phenomenology from Fundamental Field Theory June/July 2019 Universities Giessen (June) and Heidelberg (July), Giessen and Heidelberg, Germany
Changing the (Feynman) rules May 2019 Origin of Mass 2019, Odense, Denmark
The size of the W boson September 2018 ÖPG meeting, Graz, Austria
Rethinking Brout-Englert-Higgs physics April 2018 University of Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Belgium
The Higgs, Field Theory and what particles we actually observe at the LHC November 2017 and February 2018 University of Swansea, Swansea, UK and ICTP, Lisbon, Portugal
Implications of Strict Gauge Invariance for Particle Spectra and Precision Observables July 2017 EPSHep 2017, Venice, Italy

Physics beyond the standard model

What When Where
Low-energy effective description of dark Sp(4) theories February 2022 Austrian Particle Physics Retreat, Bruck an der Mur, Austria
Sp(4) gauge theory on the Lattice September 2021 ÖPG meeting, Innsbruck, Austria
Isospin breaking for dark matter July 2021 Lattice 2021, Boston, USA
SU(3)+Higgs theory: The adjoint case July 2021 Lattice 2021, Boston, USA
The spectrum of grand-unified theories April/July 2021 ACHT meeting,Online, Hungary and Lattice 2021, Boston, USA
Sp(4) SIMP Dark Matter on the lattice June 2021 LHCP 2021, Online
Approaching a diffemorphism-invariant description of black hole and particle dynamics April 2020 Miniworkshop on quantum gravity, Online
The Fröhlich-Morcchio-Strocchi mechanism and quantum gravity November 2019 Asymptotic Safety Seminar, Online
Lattice spectroscopy of SU(2) Adjoint Higgs model June 2019 Lattice 2019, Wuhan, China
Lattice spectroscopy of SU(2) Adjoint Higgs model April 2019 ALPS 2019, Obergurgl, Austria
Composite Dark Matter from Weak Interactions October 2018 Interdisciplinary approach to QCD-like composite dark matter, Trento, Italy
The physical spectrum of theories with a Brout-Englert-Higgs effect February 2018 ALPS 2018, Obergurgl, Austria
Studying how the particle spectra of GUTs emerge June 2017 Lattice 2017, Granada, Spain
Rethinking Brout-Englert-Higgs Physics April 2017 Alps 2017: An Alpine LHC Physics Summit, Obergurgl, Austria
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Dr.rer.nat.

Axel Torsten Maas

Institut für Physik
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