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Master's Theses

Topics for master’s theses revolve around three themes.

(1) Social Comparisons: Such comparisons refer to situations in which utility of one household directly depends on the choice of other households (peers). How does such “keeping-up with the Joneses”-behavior impact on individual (saving) decisions, on economic growth, on welfare, on the effectiveness of public policy, and on optimal public policy?

(2) Macroeconomic Dynamics: A great deal of the economics literature has analyzed shocks, including fiscal policy shocks, in a comparative static manner (comparisons of steady states). Relatively little is known about transitional dynamics. How do transitional paths in response to shocks look like in various economic frameworks (standard neoclassical model, OLG models, endogenous growth models, semi-endogenous growth models)?

(3) Optimal Taxation: Externalities are ubiquitous. Social comparisons represent one type of externality, and endogenous growth models are built on another type of externality. How do optimal policy responses look like – in cases of restrictions on the side of the policy maker?  These restrictions may refer to available instruments (e.g., no personalized taxes) or to information (e.g., about characteristics of the agents), just to name a few.
In many cases, a master’s thesis simultaneously touches upon several of these themes (e.g., “What is the optimal policy response to consumption externalities in a dynamic macroeconomic framework?”).
For specific topics (and more information), please don’t hesitate to contact me (ronald.wendner(at)uni-graz.at). It goes without saying that you are welcome to suggest your own topic for your master’s thesis.
Some specific topics for master's theses are suggested here.

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