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  • Samuel J. Leeming (co-betreut durch Christoph Hahn & Maarten P. M. Vanhove): Deep Evolutionary relationships of Monogenea based on whole genome sequences: a window on how parasitic flatworms colonized vertebrate hosts​
  • Andrea Lienhard: Phylogenetic and biogeographic history of Caribbean, Middle American and Bermudean oribatid mites
  • Maximilian Wagner: Patterns of population differentiation, diversification and speciation in a lineage of cryptobenthic Mediterranean fishes
  • Lukas Zangl: DNA-barcoding of Austria's biodiversity 


  • Nadine Klar: Genetic diversity and population differentiation of an intertidal cryptobenthic clingfish genus
  • Christian Pacher: Microplastics in shore sediments: How to find a suitable sampling plot
  • Mario Poglitsch (co-betreut durch Christoph Hahn): Nachweis und morphologische Artbestimmung von Fischparasiten der Gattung Gyrodactylus
  • Ilja Svetnik: Red list and DNA barcoding of Styrian and Carinthian centipedes


  • Jacquelin Grimm: Projekt BIO-PLANBAR
  • Lydia Schlosser: Projekt BIO-PLANBAR
  • Sandra Aurenhammer: Projekt BIO-PLANBAR
  • Sylvia Schäffer:  ABOL (Austrian Barcode Of Life)


Lab Alumni:

  • Sylvia Schäffer (Post Doc):  ABOL (Austrian Barcode Of Life)
  • Maarten Van Steenberge (Post Doc):  Systematics and phylogeography of the Lake Tanganyika cichlid genus Tropheus
  • David Fröhlich (MSc-Student): Sexual dimorphism in wing venation and cuticular hydrocarbons in Chrysididae (Hymenoptera)  
  • Christian Arnold Schöggl (MSc-Student): Phylogeny of the African freshwater lates perches (Latidae: Lates)
  • Maximilian Wagner (MSc-Student): New insights into the phylogeography and evolutionary history of two Mediterranean clingfish genera (Teleostei, Gobiesocidae)
  • Alexander Kostmann (MSc-Student):  DNA barcoding of Austrian eulipothyplans
  • Anna Lena Hofstätter (MSc-Student):  DNA barcoding of Austrian rodents
  • Sandra Bracun (MSc-Student):  Seasonal growth patterns of Cymodocea nodosa and abundance patterns of its epiphytes in relation to water depth in the northern Adriatic Sea.
  • Lukas Zangl (MSc-Student):  Genetic diversity of gudgeons in the Austrian Danube System
  • Daniel Daill (MSc-Student):  DNA barcoding of the Austrian herpetofauna
  • Johannes Salvenmoser (MSc-Student):  Seasonal growth patterns of Cymodocea nodosa (Ucria) Ascherson and abundance patterns of the associated vagile macro- and megafauna at two different sites in the Northern Adriatic Sea.
  • Matthias Weissensteiner (MSc-Student):  Morphological and genetic differences of two subspecies of the Masked Bunting Emberiza spodocephala in far eastern Russia.
  • Peter Zoppoth (MSc-Student):  Molecular genetic analyses and behavioural observations on different colour morphs of the Lake Tanganyika cichlid genus Tropheus.
  • Cornelia Heinrich (MSc-Student):  Puppies' behavior in play during the fourth to the eighth week of life, comparing puppies of two breeds, Chihuahua and Australian Shepherd.
  • Sara Weiss (MSc-Student):  Population genetics of the triplefin blenny Tripterygion tripteronotus in the north-eastern Adriatic Sea.

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