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Austrian Migration to Canada

Migrations have to be considered as essential, persistent, and significant factors of societal change. Motivations and causes for migrations (e.g. internal, international or transcontinental) – be it voluntary or forced, temporary, seasonal or permanent – are multifaceted and complex. The project “Austrian Migration to Canada” comprises various types of migrations such as mass migrations around 1900, forced migration of Jewish refugees, post-1945 economic migration processes of Jewish and non-Jewish Austrians as well as resettlements of Displaced Persons and refugees in the aftermath of WWII via Austria (that functioned as transit country in the post-WWII period).


Closed projects (selection)

"Wiedergutmachung" - Opferfürsorge in der Steiermark 1945 bis 1964

(German only)

Das im Jahr 1947 beschlossene Opferfürsorgegesetz zugunsten der Opfer des Kampfes um ein freies, demokratisches Österreich und der Opfer politischer, rassistischer, nationaler oder religiöser Verfolgung durch den Nationalsozialismus sah in seiner ursprünglichen Fassung lediglich Sozial- und nicht »Wiedergutmachungsleistungen« vor. Das vorliegende Buch thematisiert die regionale Vollzugspraxis dieser Opferfürsorge am Beispiel der Steiermark mit Schwerpunkt auf die ersten beiden Nachkriegsjahrzehnte.

Social Partner Ship - A Framework for Socio-Economic Development in Europe? The Consensual Political Cultures of the Small West European States in Comparative and Historical Perspective, short: "Smallcons.

EU project, 5th Framework

The research (comparative study of social partnership development in six Western European  countries) lasted from lasted from 2003 to 2006 and was financed by the 5th Framework of the EU and the Swiss Ministry of Education. Participants: University of Amsterdam, University of Lausanne, University of Copenhagen, University of Göteborg, University of Graz, and University of Helsinki.

Project description

Results WP 10: Paths in Austrian and Finnish History

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