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Riederer, Bernd, BSc MSc

Welcome to my Homepage!

My name is Bernd J. Riederer and I am currently a PhD-student of Theoretical Particle Physics at the University of Graz in the group of Prof. Axel Maas. My collaborator Elizabeth Dobson and I are currently studying the behavior of SU(3)-Gauge-Scalar Theories using Lattice Spectroscopy.

If you want to know more about what I am currently working on or what I have been working on in the past, please have a look at the About tab on this homepage.

Under the Publications tab there is a list of my publications, as well as short summaries about some projects I have worked on in the past (especially in coorperation with Seibersdorf Laboratories).

For students who participate in one of my courses the Teaching tab will be the one of interest. There you can find a list of the courses I have been teaching at the Technical University of Graz and also a lot of informations and supplemental material about each course itself. The courses of the current term will be constantly updated.

All informations about how to contact or visit me can be found under the Contact tab.


Bernd Riederer

BSc MSc Bernd Riederer Institut für Physik

Mozartgasse 14/II
Room 0025-02-0004
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 5089

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