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Curriculum Vitae


2003-2005 : B.Sc. - Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

2006-2007 : M.Sc. - Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

2008-2011 : Ph.D - Geology, Tectonics, Petrology. University of Strasbourg

Ph.D. Thesis: Structural, petrological and geochronological contribution to intracontinental tectonics of the Hercynian belt of Europe (Sudetes, Vosges Mts.)

2022 : Habilitation - Geology. University of Graz

Thesis: Tectono-thermal evolution of the high temperature Ryoke belt (SW Japan) based on the petrology and geochronology of accessory minerals.



2007 : French Geological Survey (BRGM)
           Junior Geologist

2008-2011 : University of Strasbourg
                    Ph.D. student and Teaching Assistant

2011-2012 : French Geological Survey (BRGM)

2012-2013 : University of Wrocław
                     Postdoctoral researcher (Polish Government Fellowship)

2013-2018 : Kyoto University
                    Postdoctoral researcher (JSPS Fellowship)

2018−2019 : Kyoto University
                     Assistant Professor

09/2019-present : University of Graz
                             University Assistant

Priv.-Doz. Master Dr.

Etienne Skrzypek

Priv.-Doz. Master Dr. Etienne Skrzypek Institut für Erdwissenschaften
Telefon:+43 316 380 - 8717

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