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Projects, I am currently working on.

DISCC-AT: Assessing the DIStributional effects of Climate Change impacts and adaptation in AusTria, for just, targeted and efficient adaptation (ACRP)

DISTENDER: DevelopIng STratEgies by integrating mitigatioN, aDaptation and participation to climate changE Risks (Horizon Europe)

ACCREU: Assessing Climate Change Risk in EUrope (Horizon Europe)

FAREcarbon: Fair and Effective Carbon Pricing in Austria (ACRP)

INTEGRATE: Austria’s path to climate neutrality: identifying a cross-sector integrated framework and incentive design, distributional and budgetary implications (ACRP)


Finished projects (selection):

MacroMode: Macroeconomic Modelling of Indirect Risks for Climate Risk Management (ACRP)

COACCH: CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs (H2020)

SENTINEL: Sustainable Energy Transitions Laboratory (H2020)

EconTrans: EconTrans aims at embedding climate policy into the broader context of the emerging transformations of our economies (ACRP)

CLEARER: CLimate nEutrAl fREight tRansport (FFG)

COIN-INT: The Costs of Inaction for Austria - Climate change impacts transmitted by international trade (ACRP)

Impact Chains: Folgen des Globalen Klimawandels für Deutschland (Umweltbundesamt, DE)

TRANSrisk: Transitions Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies (H2020)

COIN: Costs of Inaction - Assessing the Costs of Climate Change for Austria (ACRP)

PACINAS: Public Adaptation to Climate Change (ACRP)

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