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Manfred Hartbauer

Neurobionic research

Which app allows humans to see in the dark?

How can we remove noise from images without losing image details?

How can we lower radiation exposure during breast cancer screenings?

What does it take to prevent drone collisions?

Can we use natural plant oils to combat huge locust swarm outbreaks?

I hold patents for innovative algorithms addressing these questions.

Neurobionic night vision

Nocturnal insects see in the dark. My patent pending night vision algorithm simulates this remarkable sensory capability.


Image denoising

My bionic alogrithm significantly reduces noise by means of spatial integration of visual information. It preserves image details and image sharpness. In addition, I developed a novel image postprocessing of mammographic images that allows to reduce X-ray radiation in modern diagnostic devices.

Bionic collision avoidance

We recode neuronal activity from collision detector neurons to develop bionic collision avoidance algorithms that make drone flight safer.

Combatting locust outbreaks

Using a combination of natural oils, my team and I have found a solution against gregarious locust swarms. Our patent pending oil mixture kills locusts within 26 hours and causes them to stop eating immediately. It does not affect adult mealworm beetles.


Assoz. Prof. Dr. Mag. rer. nat.

Manfred Hartbauer

Karl-Franzens University
Institute for Biology
Universitätsplatz 2

Telefon:+43 (0)316 380 - 0316-380-5615

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