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Publications in the last five years (out of >150 in total)

Sturmbauer, C., Berg, C. & J. Strauss (2018). Die biologisch-ökologische Perspektive auf Umwelt
und Gesellschaft in Österreich. Pp. 71-83 In: Winiwarter, V. (Ed.), Umwelt und Gesellschaft –
Herausforderung für Wissenschaft und Politik. KIOES Opinions 8 (2018): 1-104,

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Anchored phylogenomics uncovers deep inter-tribal hybridizations in the Lake Tanganyika
cichlid radiation and highlights adaptive loci shaping species’ ecology. Nature Communications
(2918)9: 3159, doi.org/10.138/s41467-018-05479-9.

Koblmüller, S., Zangl, L., Börger, C., Daill, D., Vanhove, M. P. M., Sturmbauer, C & K. M. Sefc (2018).
Only true pelagics mix: Comparative phylogeography of deepwater bathybatine cichlids from
Lake Tanganyika. Hydrobiologia: doi.org/10.1007/s10750-018-3752-3.

Ahi, E. P., Singh P., Lecaudey L. A., Gessl W. & C. Sturmbauer (2018). Maternal mRNA input of
growth and stress-response-related genes in cichlids in relation to egg size and trophic
specialization. EvoDevo 9:23. doi.org/10.1186/s13227-018-0112-3.

Ahi, E. P., Singh, P., Duenser, A., Gessl, W. & C. Sturmbauer (2019). Divergence in larval jaw gene
expression reflects differential trophic adaptation in haplochromine cichlids prior to foraging.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 19:150. doi.org/10.1186/s12862-019-1483-3.

Lecaudey, L. A., Sturmbauer, C., Singh, P. & E. P. Ahi (2019). Molecular mechanisms underlying
nuchal hump formation in dolphin cichlid, Cyrtocara moorii. Scientific Reports 9: 20296.

Ahi, E. P., Duenser, A., Singh, P., Gessl, W. & C. Sturmbauer (2020). Appetite regulating genes may
contribute to herbivory versus carnivory trophic divergence in haplochromine cichlids. PeerJ
8:e8375. doi.org/10.7717/peerj.8375.

Zangl, L., Oberreiter, H., Huss, H., Stabentheiner, E., Sturmbauer, C., & S. Koblmüller (2020).
Discriminating larvae of two syntopic Cychramus species (Coleoptera, Nitidulidae) by means
of bar-HRM analysis. Molecular Biology Reports: Molecular Biology Reports 47:8251–8257

Fischer, C., Koblmüller, S., Börger, C., Michelitsch, G., Trajanoski, S., Schlötterer, C., Guelly, C.,
Thallinger, G. G. & C. Sturmbauer (2021). Genome sequences of Tropheus moorii and
Petrochromis trewavasae, two eco-morphologically divergent cichlid fishes endemic to Lake
Tanganyika. Scientific Reports 11:4309. doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-81030-z.

Kerschbaumer, M., Postl, L. & C. Sturmbauer (2021). Microevolutionary change in viscerocranial
bones under congeneric sympatry in the Lake Tanganyikan cichlid genus Tropheus.
Hydrobiologia: Advances in Cichlid Research V. doi.org/10.1007/s10750-021-04536-7.

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defining the correlation between virus isolation and quantitative PCR value: Isolation success
of SARS-CoV-2 from oropharyngeal swabs correlates negatively with Cq value. Virology
Journal 18:71. doi.org/10.1186/s12985-021-01542-y.

Singh, P., Ahi, E.P., Sturmbauer, C., 2021. Gene coexpression networks reveal molecular
interactions underlying cichlid jaw modularity. BMC Ecol. Evol. 21, 1–17.

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(2021). Maintenance of neutralizing antibodies over ten months in convalescent SARS-CoV-2
afflicted patients. Transboundry and Emerging Diseases 2021.

Lecaudey, L. A., Singh, P., Sturmbauer, C. Duenser, A. Gessl, W. & E. P. Ahi (2021). Comparative
transcriptomics unravels molecular players shaping dorsal lip hypertrophy in the vacuum
cleaner cichlid, Gnathochromis permaxillaris. BMC Genomics 22, 506.

Sturmbauer, C. (2021). Es lebe die Unordnung! In: (Un-)Ordnung in der Natur – Der Wandel zur
Wildnis. Schriften des Nationalparks Gesäuse 16, Nationalpark Gesäuse GmbH, Admont,
ISBN: 978-3-901990-18-2, Pp: 12–15.

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S., Sturmbauer, C., Posch, W. &, Gernot Walder (2022). The mutational dynamics of the SARSCoV-
2 virus in serial passages in vitro. Virologica Sinica 2022.

Schiemer, F., Aubrecht, G., Essl, F., Gusenleitner, F., Haring, E., Herzig, A., Kiehn, M., Komposch,
C., Lindner, R., Pöllinger, U., Sauberer, R., Scherzinger, W., Schlick-Steiner, B., Schön, B.,
Schroeck, C., Steiner, F., Sturmbauer, C., Tribsch, A., Winkler H. & K. P. Zulka (2022).
Dringende Erfordernisse zur Erhaltung und Förderung der österreichischen Biodiversität: Eine
Stellungnahme von Naturschutzexperten. Acta ZooBot Austria 158: 1-12.

Wagner, M., Bračun, S., Duenser, A., Sturmbauer C., Gessl, W. & Ehsan Pashay Ahi (2022). Expression
variations in Ectodysplasin-A gene (eda) may contribute to morphological divergence of
scales in Haplochromine cichlids. BMC Ecology and Evolution 2022.

Cruz-Laufer, A. J., Pariselle, A., Jorissen, M. W. P., Muterezi Bukinga, F., Al Assadi, A., Van
Steenberge, M., Koblmüller, S., Sturmbauer, C., Smeets, K., Huyse, T., Artois, T. & M. P. M.
Vanhove (2022). Somewhere I belong: Phylogenetic comparative methods and machine
learning to investigate the evolution of a species-rich lineage of parasites. Cladistics 38/4: 465-
512. doi.org/10.1111/cla.12506.

Sonnleitner, S. Th., Prelog, M., Sonnleitner, S., Hinterbichler, E., Halbfurter, H., Kopecky, D. B. C.,
Almanzar, G., Cvijanikic, A., Koblmüller, S., Sturmbauer, C., Posch, W. & Gernot Walder
(2022). Cumulative SARS-CoV-2 mutations and corresponding changes in immunity in an
immunocompromised patient indicate viral evolution within the host. Nature Communications
13/1:2560. doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-30163-4.

Zangl, L., Schäffer, S., Daill, D., Friedrich, T., Gessl, W., Mladinic, M., Sturmbauer, C., Wanzenböck,
J., Weiss, S. J. & S. Koblmüller (2022). A comprehensive DNA barcode inventory of Austria’s
fish and lamprey species. Plos One 17/6: doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0268694.

Singh, P., Irisarri, I., Torres-Dowdall, J., Thallinger, G. G., Svardal, H., Moriarty Lemmon, E.,
Lemmon, A. R., Koblmüller, S., Meyer, A. & C. Sturmbauer. (2022). Phylogenomics of
trophically diverse cichlids disentangles processes driving adaptive radiation and suggests
repeated parallelism of eco-morphologies. Ecology and Evolution 12/7:

Singh, P., Taborsky, M., Peichel, C. & C. Sturmbauer (2023). Genomic basis of Y-linked dwarfism in
cichlids pursuing alternative reproductive tactics. Molecular Ecology 32/7: 1-16.

Dünser, A., Singh, P., Lecaudey, L., Sturmbauer, C., Albertson, R.C. & E. Ahi (2023). Conserved
molecular players involved in human nose morphogenesis underlie evolution of the
exaggerated snout phenotype in cichlids.

Univ.-Prof.Dr. Christian Sturmbauer


Head of the Institute
Universitätsplatz 2 A-8010 Graz


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