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2018 CPD Policy Blog: History, collective identities und memory (German)

2016 Plattform Political Education: Diversity in the Land and beyond (German)

2014 Minet.TV: Jürgen Pirker about the language Situation in Carinthia and South Tyrol (German)

2013 Kleine Zeitung.TV: Book Presentation "We are Carinthia" (German) 

Print and Online (Selected)

2018 ORF Austrian Public Broadcasting: O kulturi spominjanja in sožitju (Slovenian)

2018 Government of Carinthia: History, Politics and Peace Building (German)

2017 ORF Austrian Public Broadcasting: New and old Minorities (German/Slovenian)

2017 Die Presse: Peace Education for Carinthia (German)

2016 Government of Carinthia: Plattform Political Education (German)

2015 ORF Austrian Public Broadcasting: Youth goes into the future together (German)

2015 Government of Carinthia: 1945, 1955, 2015: Between Past and Future (German)

2015 Kleine Zeitung: 60 Years after the Austrian State Treaty: Memories and Visions (German)

2015 Myscience: Nationalism and Neighbourhood (German) 

2013 Die Presse: Total Recall (German)

2013 Kleine Zeitung: When Slovenian becomes normal for Young people (German)

Ass.-Prof. MMag. DDr.

Jürgen Pirker

Ass.-Prof. MMag. DDr. Jürgen Pirker

Institute for Public Law and Political Science

Phone:+43 316 380 - 7412

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