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SciComm-Project BioPhyCom

Based on the project "New Nanodiscs for the Study of GPCR Signal Transduction" (in short "NanoBelt",  FWF I5359-N), Ariane Pessentheiner developed a science communication project aimed at young people aged 8-14. The project, which will run for two years, is funded by the FWF (WKP191-B).

In the BioPhysics-Comics workshops at schools or at the university, a knowledge base in the field of biomembranes and their research is first built up in a playful and experimental way. Afterwards, the pupils are guided to implement this knowledge in the form of science comics. This involves developing characters, creating a story, and assembling the individual images.

By dealing with a complex topic in a playful and creative way, prejudices against STEM subjects are reduced, and the importance of basic research is also conveyed. Last but not least, the workshops are designed to spark curiosity and interest in the natural sciences.

You can find out more on the project homepage (at the moment only available in German) or by contacting Ariane Pessentheiner directly.

Open Lab - Biophysics Week 2023

24.03.2023, 18:00 - 20:00

During the international Biophysics Week 2023 we invited interested guests to a lecture with the topic "Membrane Biophysics and the Drugs of Tomorrow" by Sandro Keller and Georg Pabst, followed by a lab tour. The evening ended with a get-together to chat and discuss the successful event.

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Dr. techn.

Ariane Pessentheiner

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Sandro Keller

Institute of Molecular Biosciences (IMB)
Humboldtstr. 50/III
8010 Graz, Austria

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