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Journal articles:

Borsky, S., Hennighausen, H.B., Leiter-Scheiring, A. and Williges, K. (2020) CITES and the Zoonotic Disease Content in International Wildlife Trade, Environmental and Resource Economics, 76: 1001-1017.

Borsky, S. and Kalkschmied, K. (2019) Corruption in Space: A closer look at the world's subnations, European Journal of Political Economy, 59: 400 - 422.

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Borsky, S., Leiter-Scheiring, A. and Pfaffermayr, M.(2018) Product Quality and Environmental Standards: The Effect of an International Environmental Agreement on Tropical Timber Trade, World Economy, 41(11): 3098-3129..

Borsky, S. and Parchomenko, M. (2018) Identifying phosphorus hot spots: A spatial analysis of the phosphorus balance as a result of manure application, Journal of Environmental Management, 214:137-148.

Borsky, S. and Spata, M. (2018) The Impact of Fair Trade on Smallholders' Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change, Sustainable Development, 26(4):379-398.

Borsky, S. and Raschky, P.A. (2015) Intergovernmental Interaction and Compliance With an International Environmental Agreement, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(2):161-203.

Borsky, S. and Raschky, P.A. (2009) The Hedonics of Hedonism - Estimating the Value of Risk-Taking Activities, Kyklos, 62(2): 210-225.

Articles in edited volumes:

Borsky, S. and Raschky,P.A (2008) Individual Risk-Taking and External Effects - An Empirical Examination, in Martorell, S., Guedes Soares, C. & Barnett, J. Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis Theory, Methods and  Applications. Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 973-979.

Working papers:

Borsky, S. (2021) International trade in rough diamonds and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (together with Leiter, A.) download

Borsky, S. (2020) The impact of market concentration on solar home system installations in rural off-grid areas (together with Zaman, R.) download

Borsky, S. (2020) The role of global supply chains in the transmission of weather induced production shocks (together with Jury, M.) download

Borsky, S. (2020) Public flood risk mitigation and the homeowner's insurance demand response (together with Hennighausen, H.B.) download

Borsky, S. (2014) Setting one voluntary standard in a heterogeneous Europe - EMAS, environmental taxes and institutional quality (together with Blanco, E.) download

Borsky, S. (2011) The Leak in the System! Analyzing third country effects of an International Environmental Agreement (together with Leiter-Scheiring, A. and Pfaffermayr, M.)



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