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Univ.-Prof. Ph.D Bilyana Petkova

Bilyana joined the faculty of the University of Graz School of Law in Austria as a full professor in December 2020. Previously, she was an Assistant Professor at the HBKU College of Law in Doha, Qatar as well as at the European and International Law Department of Maastricht University School of Law in the Netherlands. Bilyana has held positions as a Visiting Professor at the Georgetown Law Center and at the Melbourne Law School. She is an affiliate scholar at the Yale Information Society Project and a member of the advisory board of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Future of Privacy Forum, both based in Washington, DC. Bilyana’s research probes the intersection of comparative law, EU law and law & technology.​




16 December 2021

Unpacking Global Governance: Dimensions of Law and Politics in Context

The Founding Symposium of our department aims to highlight the phenomena of federal or multilevel system-building in law, politics and culture along the fault lines of state-centric approaches.

Panels will engage with the concept of ‘global governance’ from three perspectives: human rights and migration; peacebuilding in light of identity and religion; and trends of legal governance and legitimacy-building in regional integration. The Symposium further aims to transcend national boundaries debating notions of justice in the context of global health and digitalization.

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Technology has transformative power – and this is generally a power for good. To rein in new technologies’ potential, we must think if and how to regulate them: through industry-wide codes of conduct, other soft or hard law mechanisms, co-regulation or perhaps through code itself. We should think hard so as not to overregulate – lest we stifle innovation; but we should think harder not to underregulate – lest we lose our personal freedoms.

Please feel free to go through our Speakers-Gallery (2021-edition)!


On 9 June, Sylvie Delacroix presented on Bottom-up data trusts: disturbing the ‘one size fits all’ approach to data governance.

On 2 June, Matthias C. Kettemann held a lecture titled Here Come the Global Content Judges: Democratizing Online Speech Rules through Oversight Boards? 

On 1 June, Elisabeth Hödl lectured on AI journalism and the role of the media in shaping public opinion, directly followed by Lucas MacClure's presentation on Online Speech Regulation in Latin America: Chile's Next Constitution in Comparative Perspective.

On 18 May, Frank Pasquale held a guest lecture based on his new book New Laws of Robotics: Defending Human Expertise in the Age of AI.

On 12 May, Alessandro Corda lectured on The Privatization of Punishment version 2.0: Criminal Records, Digital Technologies, and the New Punitive City.

On 11 May, Valsamis Mitsilegas presented on The Privatisation of Pre-emption in the Digital Age: A Critical Appraisal of EU Proposals on the Prevention of the Dissemination of Terrorist Content Online.




23th April 2021 Conference Constitutionalism 2030

Organised by the Institute of Public Law and Political Science, Unversity of Graz

Constitutionalism is in crisis. Everybody, it seems, says so (even if for different reasons). And, of course, the current pandemic only makes things worse (everybody seems to say so too, even if for different reasons). Values once taken for granted seem to be cavalierly discarded. Pictures that remind us of a past many of us don’t even remember accompany our daily lives. And whatever is happening at the moment to affirm such a dim view is not just happing elsewhere.......
Read more about the conference here.


14th April 2021 Panel discussion The City Law School Webinar: The Law of Facebook

Organised by the Jean Monnet Chair in Law & Transatlantic Relations, City Law School & Institute for the Study of European Law, City Law School

This event considers the state of the art as to Facebook and the law, as its subject and object and putting it into the broader context of the global law of ‘big Tech’. 

You can find more information about the event here.

Just before the Facebook Oversight Board announced its long-awaited decision to uphold a temporary ban on Donald Trump's access to the platform, Professor Bilyana Petkova discusses her new book collection on Fundamental Rights Protection Online in an expert panel at City Law School London

Univ.-Prof. Ph.D

Bilyana Petkova

Univ.-Prof. Ph.D Bilyana Petkova Institute of the Foundations of Law

Universitätsstraße 15, B1
8010 Graz

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 3282

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