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2020 – 23: Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF): When your native language sounds foreign: Characterising foreign accent in first language attrition. Hauptantragssteller: Ineke Mennen. Betrag: € 397.124,03 

2012 – 14: British Academy: Sociophonetic variation in a language contact situation: The case of Welsh and Welsh English. British Academy. Hauptantragssteller: Robert Mayr (Cardiff Metropolitan University); Mitantragssteller: Ineke Mennen; Forschungsassistent: Jonathan Morris (Cardiff University). Betrag: £ 7.534

2009 – 10: Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience: Language experience and the perception of phonologically similar words in monolingual and bilingual toddlers: an ERP study. Hauptantragssteller: Debbie Mills (Bangor University); Mitantragssteller: Ineke Mennen, Mark Roberts (Bangor University), Todd Bailey (Cardiff University). Betrag: £ 5.000

2008 – 10: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Open Mouthed or Stiff Upper Lip? Exploring language-Specific Settings in English German Bilinguals. Hauptantragssteller: Sonja Schaeffler (Queen Margaret University); Mitantragssteller: Ineke Mennen, James M Scobbie (Queen Margaret University). Betrag: £ 81.548

2008 – 10: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): The ups and downs of learner intonation: a cross-language and longitudinal investigation of the intonation systems of L2 learners. Hauptantragssteller: Ineke Mennen. Betrag: £77.576,97

2007 – 8: British Academy, siehe Zeitschriftenartikel: Dissociation of segments and intonation in the production of second language speech. Hauptsantragssteller: Christiane Ulbrich (University of Ulster); Mitantragssteller: Ineke Mennen. Betrag: £ 7.457

2006 – 7: British Academy: An investigation of dysprosody in Foreign Accent Syndrome. Hauptantragssteller: Anja Lowit (University of Strathclyde); Mitantragssteller: Nick Miller (Newcastle University), Ineke Mennen. Betrag: £ 7.371

2006 – 8: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Cross-language differences in pitch range. Hauptantragssteller: Ineke Mennen; Mitantragssteller: G.J. Docherty; Forschungsassistent: Felix Schaeffler. Betrag: £ 97.257

2005 – 6: NHS Highland Endownment Fund for Research and Development: An investigation into the effects of Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LVST) on articulation in people with Parkinson’s Disease using Electropalatography (EPG). Hauptantragssteller: Fiona Gardiner; Mitantragssteller: Ineke Mennen. Betrag: £ 4.885

2005 – 8: Ataxia UK, siehe Zeitschriftenartikel: An investigation into the relationship between rhythm and intonation in ataxic dysarthria. Hauptantragssteller: Anja Lowit; Mitantragssteller: Ineke Mennen. Betrag: £ 39.800

2004 – 6: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Prosodic ability in children with Asperger’s Syndrome. Hauptantragssteller: Fiona Gibbon, Mitantragssteller: Peppé, O'Hare, Rutherford, Mennen & Lickley. Betrag: £ 178.000

1998 – 2001: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Alignment of fundamental frequency targets in English and Dutch. Hauptantragssteller: Robert D. Ladd (University of Edinburgh); Mitantragssteller: Ineke Mennen. Betrag: £ 79.601


2014 – 15: The nature of prosodic difficulties in second language learning: the case of Welsh stress. British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship. Betrag:  £ 131.737

2011 – 12: Unravelling the complexities of intonational learning and transfer in second language speech. Arts and Humanities Research Council Fellowship. Betrag: £ 61.088


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Institut für Anglistik
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