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Reading Groups

Theoretical Linguistics Reading Group

Description: We discuss articles in the field of syntax, semantics and their interface. This reading group is not confined to a specific topic, hence we will address a wide range of linguistic phenomena -- such as polarity items, anaphora resolution, issues related to quantification, adjectives, relative clauses or intensional verbs. Since we are also not tied to a rigid agenda, we may pay attention to important details of the analyses and exchange views about data and formal implementations.

Purpose: Graduate and undergraduate students should get the opportunity to extend their knowledge in the area of syntax and semantics, as well as to refine their skills concerning formal methods, and to evolve a deep(er) understanding of theoretical linguistics in general. Especially undergraduate students may develop strategies that will help them to easily grasp the core idea(s) and arguments of scientific papers.

Everyone with a serious interest in linguistics and basic knowledge in syntax and semantics can join this reading group at any time. If your are interested, feel free to send me an email: madeleine.butschety@uni-graz.at

IMPORTANT NOTE (2022): Due to heavy workload, the TLRG is taking a break throughout 2022. For information about the alternative reading group (concerned with both theoretical and empirical issues), please contact vesela.simeonova@uni-graz.at

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