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Talks and Presentations

A Quantification-Based Approach to Plural Pronoun Comitatives. Talk at FDSL 15 (Humboldt University Berlin), October 5 2022

Along came a Quantifier. The Interpretation of the German additive Particle auch inside (and outside) quantificational Structures. Invited Talk at the Humboldt University Berlin, Feb 15 2021

Addivity? A Matter of Superset-to-Subset Inferences. Poster Presentation at GLOW 42 (University of Oslo), May 8 2019 [accepted, but no attendance]

Additives, Quantifiers and other unorthodox Liaisons. Talk held at the New Approaches to Focus Workshop (University of Graz), April 1 2019

Epistemic vs. Concessive 'at least'. A Matter of epistemic Uncertainty. Talk held at the 41st annual Meeting of the DGFS (University of Bremen), March 6 2019

Additivity 2.0 ['too' point zero]. Superset-to-Subset Inferences. Talk held at the Particles in German, English and Beyond Workshop (Saarland University), January 21 2019

Resolving an 'at least' Ambiguity. Poster Presentation at the AmbiGaP Workshop (University of Tübingen), November 16-17 2018

Getting epistemically uncertain with 'at least'. Talk held at the Summer School on Intonation and Word Order (University of Graz), September 19 2018

At least a new Perspective on 'at least'. Poster Presentation at the AMBIGO Workshop (Georg-August-University Göttingen), July 5 2018

'Mindestens/Immerhin/Zumindest'. Eine skalenbezogene Analyse. Talk held at the ÖLT annual Meeting (University of Vienna), December 8 2014

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