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Science Center Didaktik

Frantz-Pittner, Andrea, Grabner, Silvia & Bachmann, Gerhild (Hrsg.) (2011): Science Center Didaktik. Forschendes Lernen in der Elementarpädagogik. Hohengehren: Schneider Verlag.
This book takes a look at current international developments of science center facilities. The importance of the involvement of Educational Science Center institutions will be discussed from the perspective of educational sciences, research and practice.

Life Long Learning

Michaelis, Daniela & Bachmann, Gerhild (Hrsg.) (2010): Lebenslanges Lernen - freudvoll und integral Stuttgart: Ibidem Verlag.
Lifelong learning in a global world of interconnectedness is increasing. According, this publication is related to new thinking and paradigms in the field of education and shows also practical concepts.

Secondary Schools and Choice of Study

Bachmann, Gerhild (2000): Gymnasium und Studienwahl. Frankfurt:Peter Lang Verlag.
The book provides informative insights into the current situation of the upper stage of general secondary schools in Austria. After a historical review, current innovations in the field of the secondary schools in Austria will be discussed. A survey about the Matura in 2000 was done and the spectacular results are shown and will be discussed.

100 Years of Pedagogy at University of Graz

Bachmann, Gerhild & Mikula, Regina(1996): Ein Jahrhundert Pädagogik an der Universität Graz.München: Profil Verlag.
The book gives a glimpse into the history of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz with special consideration of the Philosophical Faculty. The focus of the dispute lies in the documentation of the lines of development of scientific educational sciences and their representatives, from its beginnings until today.

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