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Since 2009 I have been working at the Institute for KA & EE as professor and director (2009-2017) in an international, transversal and critical perspective on the cultural analysis of contemporary phenomena.

I was born in Germany on the French border, in Saarbrücken, I studied European Ethnology/Cultural Studies, Romance and Modern German Literature in Marburg/L and Anthropology, Women's Studies and Sociolinguistics in Aix-en-Provence . I completed my diploma in 1987 in France and my dissertation in 1991 under the influence of the French school in Marburg with Martin Scharfe. "Provence Image with Lavender" is a critical semiological analysis of the modern construction of regional representations.

The places of my academic work in Switzerland, in research and teaching since 1992 are Basel, Neuchâtel/Sion, Fribourg and Zurich. At the same time I have held visiting professorships and fellowships in Turku, Joensuu, Hamburg, Marburg and Innsbruck. My most recent position was as Scientific Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies in Architecture at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. Together with colleagues from the social sciences and architecture, I continue to pursue the critical bridging between the conception and use of the built environment that I aim to achieve with this approach. In 2004 I habilitated at the University of Zurich with the topic "Folklore/European Ethnology as Critical Cultural Studies. Methodological-epistemological contributions to professional identity".

My main focuses, of which I myself like to break out again and again and whose updating is important to me, are above all in urban-space cultural research, cultural studies mobility research, political anthropology, science research. As a representative of the Critical Analysis of Culture and Society, complex analyses of everyday culture - in a transdisciplinary and gender-oriented perspective - are close to my heart. Currently I am dealing with resistance and everyday life, urban citizenship and new political perspectives of society in the Mediterranean...


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