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New Ways 2020

Status: finished (2013-2015)


The Project invited young people from 14 to 29 to submit project-ideas for the future of the region to a contest, thereby focusing the specific potential of Carinthia as "bilingual" country within the Alps-Adriatic-Region. Several categories were offered: politics and society, nature and sport, tourism and business, art and culture, history and education. After the selection of the best ideas by an expert jury and awarding the winning ideas, the project went into a second phase, in which the participants concretize their ideas under the supervision of experts from politics, business, sports and education. Together with these experts, they develop concrete implementation plans and concepts for their ideas. The project focused the specific potential arising from multilingualism in European border regions and majority-minority situations and tried to communicate these potential positively to the general public, while at the same time offering sustainable opportunities for the participants in the implementation of their projects through the guidance of experts. Accompanying qualtative research was used for evaluating the project and sustaining ist outcomes.



Research: Qualitative; Intervention und Action Research; Evaluation

Research Areas: Social Cohesion, Minority Rights, Political Education


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