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We are Carinthia

Status: finished (2011-2013)

Contribution: Lead


In "We are Carinthia | Wir sind Kärnten | Mi smo Koroška" more than 1,500 pupils aged 15 to 17 in all Carinthian grammar schools took part in a survey about the minority question. 60 pupils from four schools participated in an inter-school dialogue project. They had to deal with the region's history, their family histories and their connections to the minority question. In a joint workshop, they were able to discuss their findings with members of the Slovene minority and developed perspectives for the future. For many of the participants, this event was the first opportunity for a direct contact with the members of the minority. Thereby, the students were enabled to gain authentic impressions and new views. On several occasions, the results of the project have been made visible and transported to the general public by the pupils under supervision.

Research: Quantitative; Qualitative;Intervention and Action Research; Evaluation

Research Areas: Social Cohesion, Minority Rights, Political Education, Conflict Studies

Publication: Wir sind Kärnten - mi smo Koroska. Jugend, Begegnung und politische Bildung in Volksgruppenfragen. Nomos 2013.

Partners: GBW Kärnten, BMUKK (Abteilung für politische Bildung), Alpen-Adria-Gymnasium Völkermarkt, BG Tanzenberg, BG für Slowenen, Stiftsgymnasium der Benediktiner St. Paul im Lavanttal

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