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ARQUS / Erasmus+ BIP 2023 (Granada)

2nd ARQUS International Seminar in Romance Studies

"Ibero-Romance Languages in Europe and America (Contacts, Influences, Convergencies)"

Granada, October 9-14, 2023.

  • Organization: Dr. David Porcel Bueno (Departamento de Filologías: Románica, Italiana, Gallego-Portuguesa y Catalana, Universidad de Granada) & Dr. Stefan Koch (TU Dresden)
  • ca. 35 students from the Arqus partner universities Graz, Leipzig, Padua, Minho and Granada (advanced Bachelor students and Master students)
  • Teachers from Graz: Prof. Martin Hummel and Dr. Katharina Gerhalter (Erasmus+ coordinator for the BIP)
  • Credit in Graz: 3 ECTS as free elective (Bachelor or Master program)

The Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program (2nd ARQUS International Seminar in Romance Studies) comprised several course units (workshops/modules) dealing with different linguistic aspects of Spanish, Portuguese and other Ibero-Romance languages (Gallic, Catalan, Mirandese, etc.) in Europe and the Americas (e.g., sociolinguistics, language policy, minority languages, comparison between different varieties, language contact, analysis of individual linguistic aspects such as morphosyntax, phonetics, lexicon, historical considerations, among others).

The courses were taught by a total of 16 international teachers in Spanish, Gallic and Portuguese. One of the goals of the seminar was to promote Ibero-Romance intercomprehension. In interactive work assignments, the participating students also carried out smaller work in groups. An introductory online phase also took place before the regular face-to-face phase.

In addition, there was a cultural program that included a visit to the Alhambra (with explanations of Arabicisms in Spanish) as well as a visit to the Cathedral, the Tomb of the Reyes Católicos and the Monastery of San Jerónimo (with explanations on Spanish language history).

Mag. Dr.phil. Bakk.phil.

Katharina Gerhalter

Institut für Romanistik

Merangasse 70 / III
A-8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2510

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