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introduction to economics

i am teaching a new economics principles class

all videos (in german) are available on our podcast server
and as a youtube playlist: youtube playlist



i am teaching the class in this sequence:

my goals with teaching this class

first lecture - what is economics?

first Lecture - how do economics researchers add to the body of knowledge?

first lecture - people pursue goals

second lecture - arbitrage with exchange rates

second lecture - arbitrage with sports bets

second lecture - the idea behind financial derivative pricing

third lecture - efficiency, fairness, trade, and a bit about free trade agreements

fourth lecture - market allocations and market values (or prices)

fourth lecture - Pareto-efficiency and markets

fourth lecture - rationing and ticket scalping

fifth lecture - student accommodation (supply and demand)

sixth lecture - where do prices come from? (in a market)

sixth lecture - a supply and demand classroom experiment

sixth lecture - what is driving changes in prices?

sixth lecture - from market demand to demand for a particular producer

sixth lecture - when Air Berlin went out of business

seventh lecture - pricing in the presence of a flat demand function

seventh lecture - competition

seventh lecture aside - good and bad monopolies: the case of Google

seventh lecture aside - good and bad monopolies: the case of Coca-Cola (or Red Bull)

eighth lecture - calculating gross domestic product (GDP)

eighth lecture - what does GDP (not) measure?

ninth lecture - credit markets - financial markets

ninth lecture - risk premia under independent risks

ninth lecture - risk premia under non-independent risks

ninth lecture aside - insurance

ninth lecture aside - moral hazard

ninth lecture aside - the winner’s curse

tenth lecture - the job market

tenth lecture aside - equal opportunities

eleventh lecture - negative externalities

eleventh lecture aside - advertising bans on cigarettes and alcohol

eleventh lecture – solutions to negative externalities through taxation

eleventh lecture aside – why don’t we have a global carbon tax?

more to follow (12 lectures in total)

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. PhD

Christoph Kuzmics

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. PhD Christoph Kuzmics Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre

Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre

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