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A public panel debate about modern societies - institutions and regulation

debate This is a video of a debate at Corvinus University, Budapest, about the strengths and shortcomings of economic and political processes. 

Game theory: a mathematical toolkit for the analysis of strategic interaction

lectureThis is a 49 min talk about game theory as a modelling toolkit that I gave at the Brain, Behavior & Society Springschool in Graz, 2022.

As my prime example I use my 2020 paper with Florian Gauer on Cognitive Empathy in Conflict Situations.

The game theory of driving in narrow lanes

lectureThis is a 38min lecture I gave at the 2021 summer school "Beyond AI" on the situation of being stuck in a narrow lane and one driver has to back up. How is this decided? What does game theory predict?

Comparing theories of one-shot play

Comparing theories of one-shot play. A 42min talk at University of Bamberg about Comparing theories of one-shot play out of treatment (joint work with Philipp Külpmann).




Limit orders and Knightian uncertainty

Limit orders and Knightian uncertainty. A 30min talk (at CMID 2020) about Limit orders and Knightian uncertainty (joint work with Michael Greinecker). And an 18min talk about this paper at GAMES 2020 (in 2021): 18min talk about this paper at GAMES 2020 (in 2021).

An example of one unit of an economics course (in German)

This lecture is in German. I gave it to prospective students of economics in the summer of 2017. It is about rational herding. Why do we prefer to go to the busier restaurant? And what does this imply for other restaurant customers? 

My inaugural lecture in Graz

My inaugural lecture at the University of Graz, October 19, 2016, in German, entitled "Rationales Entscheiden bei Radikaler Unsicherheit":
Rationales Entscheiden bei Radikaler Unsicherheit based on my paper entitled
"Abraham Wald's Complete Class Theorem and Knightian Uncertainty" (now published at Games and Economic Behavior, 2017, 104, 666-673


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