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[26] Prevalence Estimation from Random Samples and Census Data with Participation Bias. With Stéphane Guerrier and Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser, forthcoming at the Journal of the American Statistical Association. Last working paper version

[25] Communication, renegotiation and coordination with private values. With Yuval HellerGames and Economic Behavior, 2024, 143, 51-76. The paper provides an explanation, I believe, for somewhat complex norms of behavior as I captured, for instance, in this video of cyclists in Kyoto managing to get past each other.

[24] Comparing theories of one-shot play out of treatment. With Philipp KülpmannJournal of Economic Theory, 2022, 205, 105554. 42min presentation at University of Bamberg. Open Access.

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[22] Cognitive Empathy in Conflict Situations. With Florian Gauer, International Economic Review, 2020, 61 (4), 1659-1678. Open Access. 49min general audience talk

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[1] Optimal window-width choice in spectral density estimation: Review and simulation. With Ines FortinJournal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 2000, 67, 109-131. Self-archived here.

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