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Oral Scientific Publications

Year 2001

Presentations at International Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

Kirchengast, G., P. Silvestrin, G. Elgered, A. Hauchecorne, E. Kaas, S. Leroy, D. Offiler, N. Floury, J. Fuchs, J. Guijarro, and P. Hoeg (plenary presentation of satellite mission)
The WAter vapour and temperature in the Troposphere and Stratosphere (WATS) Mission
User Consult. Meeting on Future ESA Earth Explorer Core Missions, Granada, Spain, October 2001.

Kirchengast, G., A.K. Steiner, U. Foelsche, L. Kornblueh, E. Manzini, and L. Bengtsson (invited)
Climate change monitoring by GNSS occultation: An observing system simulation experiment
American Geophys. Union (AGU) 2001 Spring Meeting, Boston/MA, U.S.A., May 2001.

Weisz, E., J.A. Lerner, and G. Kirchengast (poster)
A fast channel selection method and characteristics of temperature retrievals from IASI measurements
26th Gen. Assembly of the Europ. Geophys. Society, Nice, France, March 2001. 

Rieder, M.J., and G. Kirchengast (poster)
Error analysis for mesospheric temperature profiling based on absorptive occultation or air density data
26th Gen. Assembly of the Europ. Geophys. Society, Nice, France, March 2001.

Rehrl, C., and G. Kirchengast (oral)
A realistic transmission model for mesospheric ozone and temperature profiling by solar UV occultation
26th Gen. Assembly of the Europ. Geophys. Society, Nice, France, March 2001.

Kirchengast, G., W. Pötzi, J. Ramsauer, A.K. Steiner, S. Syndergaard, M. Gorbunov, G.B. Larsen, K. Schultz, H. Reichinger, and P. Silvestrin (oral)
EGOPS4 - An end-to-end simulator for atmospheric sounding based on GNSS signals
26th Gen. Assembly of the Europ. Geophys. Society (EGS), Nice, France, March 2001.

Selected Further Presentations
(at Meetings of Int´l Bodies, Universities, Public Symposia, etc.)

Kirchengast, G. (invited)
Monitoring und Analyse des Klimawandels auf Basis von Okkultationsmethoden
Vortragsreihe Berufungsvorträge f. Nachfolge Prof. Bauer, Phys. Institute/Universität Graz, Austria, November 2001.

Kirchengast, G. (invited)
On residual errors in occultation data products: New results and open questions
11th Meeting of the ESA/EUMETSAT GNSS Receiver for Atmospheric Sounding Science Advisory Group (GRAS-SAG), EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany, November 2001.

Kirchengast, G. (invited; opening talk)
Von globalen Klimaänderungen zum Klimawandel in Österreich
Österr. Klimabündnis-Jahrestreffen 2001 "Wege in ein neues Energiezeitalter", Weiz/Gleisdorf, Styria, Austria, September 2001.

Kirchengast, G., A. Gobiet, and J. Ramsauer (invited)
Error analysis for climate applications: on ionospheric residual errors, high-altitude initialization errors, and residual biases
Mid-Term Review Meeting of the ESA Atmos. Clim. Experiment (ACE) Science Support Study, TERMA Elektronik A/S, Birkeroed, Denmark, September 2001.

Kirchengast, G.
The End-to-end GNSS Occultation Performance Simulator EGOPS4 - An Introduction
Seminar of the Inst. Atmos. Phys./Univ. of Arizona, Inst. of Atmospheric Physics, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, U.S.A., July 2001.

Kirchengast, G. (invited)
Atmosphärensondierung mittels GNSS-Okkultation und Klimawandel-Monitoring als Beispielanwendung
Meteorologisches Kolloquium der Univ. Frankfurt/Main und der Univ. Mainz, Inst. for Meteorology and Geophysics, Univ. Frankfurt/Main, Germany, July 2001.

Kirchengast, G.
The START-ATCHANGE programme - An atmospheric remote sensing and climate system research cornerstone
START/Wittgenstein-Workshop of Prize Winners, International Jury and Austrian Science Fund Delegates, FWF (Austrian Science Fund) Weyringerg., Vienna, Austria, June 2001.

Kirchengast, G., and M. Gorbunov (invited)
The canonical transform – a new robust method for bending angle retrieval under multipath conditions
11th Meeting of the ESA/EUMETSAT GNSS Receiver for Atmospheric Sounding Science Advisory Group (GRAS-SAG), ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands, May 2001.

Kirchengast, G. (invited)
WATS-related research plans at IGAM/UG in support of mission preparation
2nd Meeting of the ESA WATS Mission Scientific Preparatory Group (WATS-SPG), ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands, March 2001.

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